Presentations 2018

“The Challenger Brand Mindset as a Growth Engine”

Ofer Golan, Google product & Brand Strategy Expert
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“Performance ≠ Performance”

Σταύρος Πίπης, Head of Digital Media @ DOPE Studio
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“Taking Market Share: How to create a Low-Risk, High-Profit Digitial Marketing Campaign”

Marcus Hemsley, Director, Fountain Partnership – Google Global Award Winner
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Kristiyan Dimitrov, Measurement & Attribution Specialist, Google UK
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“Consolytics: the future of online analytics consolidation”

Δημήτρης Παπουτσής, Founder & CEO, Globe One Digital
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“Google Analytics time-savers: How to get more done while spending less time in your analytics account”

Jeff Sauer, Founder, Jeffalytics
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“Building Programmatic Ready Agencies”

Σπυριδούλα Δρακοπούλου, Head of Finance & Performance Agencies, Google
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Doing Marketing in a Data-Driven World

Raul Marin, Global Account Lead, Google
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“Understanding The YouTube Algorithm”

Philip Zeplin, YouTube & SEO Consultant, NovelConcept
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“YouTube as a lead generation platform: breaking the stereotypes”

Ελένη Μαυροειδή, Industry Manager, Google
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